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When can I purchase my cap and gown for May 2017 graduation?

Cap and gowns will be available in the University Store beginning on Monday, March 20, and will be available up until the day of graduation.

Can I rent my cap and gown?

Unfortunately, we do not offer cap and gown rentals to students. We only sell packages to students.

What is included in a package?

One package includes a black gown, cap, academic hood and tassel.

Do I need to pre-order my cap and gown?

No pre-orders or reservations are required.

How much will it cost?

One Bachelor's package costs $50.35 and one Master's package costs $52.47

Do I need to know anything before coming in for my cap and gown?

Please know your height and what type of degree you are earning prior to purchase to ensure you have the correct gown size and hood color.

What if I purchase the wrong size gown or hood?

Bring everything you purchased back to the store with you and we will help you get the correct gown or hood at customer service.

Can I buy individual pieces of the package?

If you already have certain pieces of the package, you may opt to purchase just the pieces you need. For example, if you are already in possession of a black gown and hat, you may purchase just a hood and tassel. To do this, please stop in the store or call us at 717.871.7610.

Do I get to keep my cap and gown after graduation?

Yes, you are purchasing the cap and gown package and it is yours to keep.

I am unable to make it into the store to pick out my cap and gown. What should I do?

You may choose to order your cap and gown through our website on this page beginning on March 20 and have it shipped to you, subject to a $6.95 shipping fee. You may also order through our website and select "pick up at store" and we will hold it for you until you have the chance to stop at the store and pick it up.

I am expecting honors cords. How do I get them and how much are they?

The Office of the Registrar informs us which students receive academic honor cords (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude), department honor cords, and University honors college cords. Cords will be available in the University Store in mid-April and will also be available for distribution at graduation rehearsal and at the graduation ceremony.  These cords are provided free of charge. (Other cords for organizations, fraternities, sororities are not handled by the University Store - please contact your club/organization for arrangements).